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The role of nitrate compounds in the therapy of pancreatic diseases is discussed in this review. A short overview is given about the physiological background of the treatment: the regulation of Oddi's sphincter function and its pharmacology. An adjuvant role is attributed to the free outflow of pancreatic secretion in the treatment of pancreatic pain and in(More)
The exact aetiology of chronic calcifying pancreatitis is unknown; several factors that lead to the development of this well-defined disease have been identified. Epidemiologic studies and careful analysis of nutritional data played an important role in precising the risk represented by alcohol consumption and dietary habits, and characterized the(More)
Medical history of an old female patient is described. Gallstones were extracted from the main bile duct after endoscopic papillotomy when she was 83 ys old. Eighteen months later, she presented an obstruction of the cystic duct with a consecutive empyema of gallbladder. The obstruction was relieved mechanically by inserting a catheter through guide-wire in(More)
A method of assay for the circulating intrinsic factor antibody type I (IFA1) and for the serum vitamin-B12 level by the use of hog intrinsic factor has been developed. The results, the sources of error being taken into consideration, are in agreement with the values obtained by the generally accepted methods of ARDEMAN--CHANARIN for IFA1 and of(More)
The amylase release from mouse pancreatic fragments was studied after dopamine (DA), and alpha- or beta-sympathomimetic agonist application. The electrical parameters of the acinar cell membrane were also monitored. Both DA (from 5 X 10(-6) to 10(-4) M) and beta-stimulants (isoprenaline from 5 X 10(-6) to 5 X 10(-5) M; noradrenaline from 3 X 10(-4) to(More)
Local variations of prostaglandin (PG) I2 and F2 alpha were studied in the pancreatic tissue during the first hour of an acute experimental necrohemorrhagic pancreatitis. The local pancreatitis was induced by trypsin injection into the interstitium of the splenic part of rat pancreas, and a saline injection was given into the interstitium in the duodenal(More)