Zachiri McKenzie

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We identify complete fragments of the simple theory of types with infinity (TSTI) and Quine’s new foundations (NF) set theory. We show that TSTI decides every sentence in the language of type theory that is in one of the following forms: (A) D 8x1 1 8x rk k 9y s1 1 9y sl l where the superscripts denote the types of the variables, s1 > > sl , and is(More)
This paper endeavours to survey some of the recent work investigating models of the stratified axioms of Zermelo-Fraenkel Set Theory (ZF). Specifically we will focus on a hybridisation of the Fraenkel-Mostowski-Specker and Rieger-Bernays permutation techniques developed by Thomas Forster to produce models of the stratified fragment of ZF refuting certain(More)
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