Zachary Van Den Heuvel

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Protein analysis (using either specific protein quantitation by methods such as HPLC and immunoassays or structural analysis by methods such as LC-MS) usually requires significant sample preparation, including quantitative purification of the target protein from complex sample matrices and potentially enzymatic treatment or labeling. We have developed(More)
Protein and peptide sample preparation for LC/MS remains entrenched in workflows reliant upon serial manual manipulations resulting in protocols lacking in throughput, scalability, and transferability. These workflows are often dependent on highly skilled practitioners to achieve acceptable reproducibility, or, in many cases, large variability is simply(More)
Sample preparation for LC/MS interrogation of peptides often comprises multistep workfl ows including in-solution protein digestion, peptide cleanup, and peptide fractionation. This process is usually tailored to a specifi c application based upon sample characteristics and the goal of the assay (that is, quantifi cation or characterization). Automation of(More)
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