Zachary Snow

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Focused proof systems provide means for reducing and structuring the non-determinism involved in searching for sequent calculus proofs. We present a focused proof system for a first-order logic with inductive and co-inductive definitions in which the introduction rules are partitioned into an asynchronous phase and a synchronous phase. These focused proofs(More)
Dependently typed λ-calculi such as the Logical Framework (LF) can encode relationships between terms in types and can naturally capture correspondences between formulas and their proofs. Such calculi can also be given a logic programming interpretation: the Twelf system is based on such an interpretation of LF. We consider here whether a conventional(More)
Bacterial glycan structures on cell surfaces are critical for cell-cell recognition and adhesion and in host-pathogen interactions. Accordingly, unraveling the sugar composition of bacterial cell surfaces can shed light on bacterial growth and pathogenesis. Here, we found that two rare sugars with a 3-C-methyl-6-deoxyhexose structure were linked to spore(More)
Dependently typed λ-calculi such as the Logical Framework (LF) are capable of representing relationships between terms through types. By exploiting the “formulas-as-types” notion, such calculi can also encode the correspondence between formulas and their proofs in typing judgments. As such, these calculi provide a natural yet powerful means for specifying(More)
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