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Robotics offers a great opportunity to improve efficiency while also improving safety, but reliable detection of humans in off-road environments remains a key challenge. We present a person detector evaluation on a dataset collected from an autonomous tractor in an off-road environment representing challenging conditions with significant occlusion from(More)
In this work, we present a new method for doing object recognition using tactile force sensors that makes use of recent work on " tactile appearance " to describe objects by the spatially-varying appearance characteristics of their surface texture. The method poses recognition as a localization problem with a discrete component of the state representing(More)
Person detection from vehicles has made rapid progress recently with the advent of multiple highquality datasets of urban and highway driving, yet no large-scale benchmark is available for the same problem in off-road or agricultural environments. Here we present the NREC Agricultural Person-Detection Dataset to spur research in these environments. It(More)
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