Zachary Palmer

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We propose Backstage Java (BSJ), a Java language extension which allows algorithmic, contextually-aware generation and transformation of code. BSJ explicitly and concisely represents design patterns and other encodings by employing compile-time metaprogramming: a practice in which the programmer writes instructions which are executed over the program's AST(More)
Scripting languages are popular in part due to their extremely flexible objects. Features such as dynamic extension, mixins, and first-class messages improve programmability and lead to concise code. But attempts to statically type these features have met with limited success. We present TinyBang, a small typed language, in which flexible object operations(More)
This artifact is a proof-of-concept implementation of DDPA, an on-demand program analysis for higher-order functional programs. The implementation, written in OCaml, includes a parser, evaluator, and DDPA analysis for the language defined in the companion paper (including the proper record semantics extension). The analysis may be performed using different(More)
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