Zachary M. Abzug

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As we make saccades, the image on each retina is displaced, yet our visual perception is uninterrupted. This is commonly referred to as transsaccadic perceptual stability, but such a description is inadequate. Some visual objects are stable (e.g., rocks) and should be perceived as such across saccades, but other objects may move at any time (e.g., birds).(More)
Over the past few decades, strides have been made toward understanding how higher level cognitive processes are mediated by neuronal spiking activity. Neuronal correlates of functions such as attention, executive control, working memory, decision-making, and reward processing have all been elucidated, to an impressive level of detail, at the single cell and(More)
The Rush head model is an approximation of the volume conducting properties of the human head. A planar saline bath phantom was developed to simulate the key properties of the Rush head model while creating a testing platform for implantable neural devices. The phantom closely mimics electrical properties of human tissue such as increased resistivity(More)
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