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Quantum focusing conjecture
We propose a universal inequality that unies the Bousso bound with the classical focussing theorem. Given a surface that need not lie on a horizon, we dene a nite generalized entropy Sgen as the areaExpand
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Proof of the Quantum Null Energy Condition
We prove the quantum null energy condition (QNEC), a lower bound on the stress tensor in terms of the second variation in a null direction of the entropy of a region. The QNEC arose previously as aExpand
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ETC: Encoding Long and Structured Inputs in Transformers
We present a new Transformer architecture, Extended Transformer Construction (ETC), that addresses two key challenges of standard Transformer architectures, namely scaling input length and encoding structured inputs. Expand
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Entropy on a null surface for interacting quantum field theories and the Bousso bound
We study the vacuum-subtracted von Neumann entropy of a segment on a null plane. We argue that for interacting quantum field theories in more than two dimensions, this entropy has a simple expressionExpand
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A Semiclassical, Entropic Proof of a Weak Gravity Conjecture
We present a semiclassical proof of the weak gravity conjecture in $D = 4$ spacetime dimensions for scalar matter gauged under a $U(1)^N$ gauge group. We compute the non-perturbative macroscopicExpand
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Post-procedure pain following direct MR arthrography
Poster: "ECR 2010 / C-2310 / Post-procedure pain following direct MR arthrography" by: "J. Giaconi, T. M. Link, R. Hong, R. Singh, Z. Fisher, L. S. Steinbach; San Francisco, CA/US"
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Proof of a Quantum Bousso Bound
We prove the generalized covariant entropy bound, Δ S ≤ ( A - A ′ ) / 4 G ℏ , for light-sheets with initial area A and final area A ′ . The entropy Δ S is defined as a difference of von NeumannExpand
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Information flow in black hole evaporation
Recently, new holographic models of black hole evaporation have given fresh insights into the information paradox [ 1 – 3 ]. In these models, the black hole evaporates into an auxiliary bath spaceExpand
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Evaporating black holes coupled to a thermal bath
We study the doubly holographic model of [1] in the situation where a black hole in two-dimensional JT gravity theory is coupled to an auxiliary bath system at arbitrary finite temperature. DependingExpand
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Entropy Bounds and Entanglement
Author(s): Fisher, Zachary Kenneth | Advisor(s): Bousso, Raphael | Abstract: The generalized covariant entropy bound, or Bousso bound, is a holographic bound on the entropy of a region of space in aExpand