Zachary J Zavodni

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PURPOSE To develop large-scale, high-throughput annotation of the human macula transcriptome and to identify and prioritize candidate genes for inherited retinal dystrophies, based on ocular-expression profiles using serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE). METHODS Two human retina and two retinal pigment epithelium (RPE)/choroid SAGE libraries made(More)
PURPOSE To determine basal and tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha-regulated expression of retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cell survival factors and whether regulation is dependent on nuclear transcription factor (NF)-kappaB. METHODS Cultured human RPE cells were infected with adenovirus encoding either mutant inhibitory (I)-kappaB or beta-galactosidase(More)
PURPOSE To review the clinical features, treatments, and outcomes of patients with retained lens fragments in the anterior chamber after phacoemulsification with an intact posterior capsule. DESIGN Retrospective, interventional case series. METHODS setting: Duke University Eye Center. STUDY POPULATION Fifty-four eyes of 54 patients with a diagnosis of(More)
The pathophysiology of glaucoma and perioperative visual loss is similar. A patient with glaucoma may be at increased risk of perioperative visual loss. For both, goals of management include optimizing ocular perfusion pressure and oxygen delivery. One treatment for refractory glaucoma is an aqueous drainage device; however, there is no published literature(More)
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