Zachary J. Weber

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CONTEXT Ten to 30% of patients with papillary thyroid cancer (PTC) develop recurrent disease and may benefit from innovative adjuvant therapies. Immune-based therapies are under investigation to treat many types of cancer. The role of the immune system in PTC is poorly understood. OBJECTIVE We investigated whether tumor-associated lymphocytes (TAL), in(More)
BACKGROUND Endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) increases en bloc and histologically complete resection rate of neoplastic mucosal tumors but is technically more demanding than EMR. Limited data are available comparing the efficacy and safety of a new ESD designed to overcome these limitations and conventional ESD (C-ESD) techniques. OBJECTIVE To(More)
Lingual orthodontics is an appealing option for patients requiring orthognathic surgical correction, since these patients are invariably adults or mature teenagers who are no longer at the usual "orthodontic age." Appearance is undoubtedly the most important motivating factor for adults seeking orthodontic treatment, and since the more physically attractive(More)
The relationship] between mode of respiration, cranial posture, and craniofacial morphology has been the subject of many articles in recent years. Some authors postulate that mouth breathers extend their heads backward in an effort to increase airway patency. The purpose of the present study was to determine whether artificially induced extended head(More)
We present the GOSMR architecture, a modular agent architecture designed to actuate web browsers and other network applications, and demonstrate the importance of modeling how users think about the past and future in accurately modeling network traffic. The architecture separates the hierarchical generation of goals and incentives (Behaviors) from(More)
In this work, we describe LuminoCity, a novel three-dimensional data display. A 3D printed model of Cambridge, MA was generated from LADAR data. A translucent plastic model was then cast from a mold of the 3D printed model. We developed a display system to project data onto the translucent model, and we can project a wide range of analyses onto the city,(More)
We designed and constructed a system that includes aircraft, ground vehicles, and throwable sensors to search a semi-forested region that was partially covered by foliage. The system contained 4 radio-controlled (RC) trucks, 2 aircraft, and 30 SensorMotes (throwable sensors). We also investigated communications links, search strategies, and system(More)
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