Zachary Henkel

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The RESPOND-R framework is a modular, distributed data logging framework built for the purpose of studying Emergency Informatics as it relates to human-robot performance during disaster responses. Currently deployed systems have limited data logging capabilities, with few incorporating heterogeneous robotic systems. Current systems focus on human(More)
Designing and constructing affective robots on schedule and within costs is especially challenging because of the qualitative, artistic nature of affective expressions. Detailed affective design principles do not exist, forcing an iterative design process. This paper describes a three step design process created for the Survivor Buddy project that engages(More)
This paper describes the Survivor Buddy human-robot interaction project and how it was used by four middle-school girls to illustrate the scientific process for an episode of "SciGirls", a Public Broadcast System science reality show. Survivor Buddy is a four degree of freedom robot head, with the face being a MIMO 740 multi-media touch screen monitor. It(More)
Sky Writer is a collaborative communication medium that augments the traditional display of a UAV pilot and allows other stakeholders to communicate their needs and intentions to the pilot. UAV pilots engaging in time-critical missions, such as urban disaster responses, often must allocate most of their cognitive capacity towards flight tasks, making(More)
Humans regulate their social behavior based on proximity to other social actors. Likewise, when a robot fulfills the role of a social actor it too should regulate its interaction based on proximity. This paper describes work in progress to establish methods for autonomous modification of social behavior based on proximity and to quantify human preferences(More)
The paper reports on a discovery field exercise used to examine how disaster responders can use an audio and video equipped robot to interact with a trapped victim. In the exercise, a small robot with two-way video and audio communication was inserted into a physically simulated building collapse next to a trapped victim, and was provided to a team of(More)