Zachary Goldman

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—Social networks are the substrate upon which we make and evaluate many of our daily decisions: our costs and benefits depend on whether—or how many of, or which of—our friends are willing to go to that restaurant, choose that cellular provider, already own that gaming platform. Much of the research on the " diffusion of innovation , " for example, takes a(More)
Most work in algorithmic game theory assumes that players ignore costs incurred by their fellow players. In this paper, we consider superimposing a social network over a game, where players are concerned with minimizing not only their own costs, but also the costs of their neighbors in the network. We aim to understand how properties of the underlying game(More)
Despite some evidence that neuroleptic medication is overused or misused in long-term care facilities for the elderly, there has been virtually no attention paid to the pattern of use of antidepressants in these facilities. All patients in long-term care in a geriatric hospital and a home for the aged who were receiving antidepressants were identified;(More)
Haloperidol levels were measured by radioreceptor assay in 12 schizophrenic patients during gradual dosage reduction (at 10-day) intervals) from 60 to 0 mg/day. Serum levels were highly correlated with the oral dose in each patient, but poorly correlated across patients. Clinical deterioration appeared only 10-20 days after total cessation of the oral drug,(More)
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