Zachary Duda

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Heterochromatin formed by the SUV39 histone methyltransferases represses transcription from repetitive DNA sequences and ensures genomic stability. How SUV39 enzymes localize to their target genomic loci remains unclear. Here, we demonstrate that chromatin-associated RNA contributes to the stable association of SUV39H1 with constitutive heterochromatin in(More)
The effects of soy protein concentrate and κ-carrageenan mix (GELPRO, 3:1 ratio) (ranging from 0 to 3%) and varying levels of collar fat (ranging from 20 to 40%) on comminuted scalded sausage quality characteristics were investigated. Sausage quality was determined by measuring textural, hydration and colour characteristics. GELPRO preparate addition(More)
The chromosome biology field at large has benefited from studies of the cell cycle components, protein cascades and genomic landscape that are required for centromere identity, assembly and stable transgenerational inheritance. Research over the past 20 years has challenged the classical descriptions of a centromere as a stable, unmutable, and(More)
With the goal of sending humans to explore asteroids and Mars soon, NASA aims to improve its current medical capabilities for long duration missions. NASA needs to increase sterilization capabilities while reducing medical payload mass, volume, power, and costs. The medical payload contains small medical devices, such as scalpels and forceps; as well as(More)
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