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Stimuli-responsive metal-organic polyhedra (srMOPs) functionalized with azobenzene showed UV-irradiation-induced isomerization from the insoluble trans-srMOP to the soluble cis-srMOP, whereas irradiation with blue light reversed this process. Guest molecules were trapped and released upon cis-to-trans and trans-to-cis isomerization of the srMOPs,(More)
A series of molybdenum- and copper-based MOPs were synthesized through coordination-driven process of a bridging ligand (3,3'-PDBAD, L(1)) and dimetal paddlewheel clusters. Three conformers of the ligand exist with an ideal bridging angle between the two carboxylate groups of 0° (H2α-L(1)), 120° (H2β-L(1)), and of 90° (H2γ-L(1)), respectively. At ambient or(More)
One of the most pressing environmental concerns of our age is the escalating level of atmospheric CO2 . Intensive efforts have been made to investigate advanced porous materials, especially porous organic polymers (POPs), as one type of the most promising candidates for carbon capture due to their extremely high porosity, structural diversity, and(More)
Adsorbents for CO2 capture need to demonstrate efficient release. Light-induced swing adsorption (LISA) is an attractive new method to release captured CO2 that utilizes solar energy rather than electricity. MOFs, which can be tailored for use in LISA owing to their chemical functionality, are often unstable in moist atmospheres, precluding their use. A MOF(More)
Herein we report for the first time the synthesis of Cr(II)-based metal-organic polyhedra (MOPs) and the characterization of their porosities. Unlike the isostructural Cu(II)- or Mo(II)-based MOPs, Cr(II)-based MOPs show unusually high gas uptakes and surface areas. The combination of comparatively robust dichromium paddlewheel units (Cr2 units), cage(More)
Scutellaria ocmulgee (Ocmulgee skullcap) is a rare plant species with medicinal and ornamental value and requires immediate conservation. We report here the first protocol for plant regeneration and Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of S. ocmulgee using leaf and shoot-derived transverse thin cell layer (tTCL) explants. The effect of MS and B5 salts in(More)
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