Zachary D. Abbott

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Despite antiretroviral medications, the rate of pediatric HIV-1 infections through breast-milk transmission has been staggering in developing countries. Therefore, the development of a vaccine to protect vulnerable infant populations should be actively pursued. We previously demonstrated that oral immunization of newborn macaques with vesicular stomatitis(More)
Radiofrequency neurotomy (RFN) of the medial branches of the dorsal rami is a successful method of treating facet joint pain. Documented serious complications are rare. We discuss the case of a 33-year-old woman with low back pain (LBP) who sustained a right L5 nerve root injury during RFN. The patient had several months of axial LBP after a motor vehicle(More)
Scapular upward rotation is predominantly achieved via a force coupling involving the upper and lower trapezius and the serratus anterior. Although studies have shown a relationship between abnormal scapular motion and subacromial impingement, it has been unclear whether the altered scapular biomechanics represent a cause, or consequence, of impingement. We(More)
The ability to construct recombinant alleles efficiently in strains of interest, particularly unmarked deletions that reduce the potential for polar effects, is essential to studies of both pathogenesis and basic bacterial physiology. Here we describe a three-phase approach for generating unmarked deletions in Legionella pneumophila by constructing a mutant(More)
To compare tissue-based pharmacokinetics and efficacy of oral tenofovir disoproxyl fumarate (TDF) versus subcutaneous tenofovir (TFV), macaques were treated for 2 weeks starting 1 week after simian immunodeficiency virus inoculation. Despite lower plasma TFV levels in the oral TDF arm, similar TFV diphosphate levels and antiviral activities were measured in(More)
UNLABELLED Critical to microbial versatility is the capacity to express the cohort of genes that increase fitness in different environments. Legionella pneumophila occupies extensive ecological space that includes diverse protists, pond water, engineered water systems, and mammalian lung macrophages. One mechanism that equips this opportunistic pathogen to(More)
OBJECTIVE Determine how accurately inexperienced interventionalists interpret epidural contrast dispersal patterns compared with experienced interventionalists. DESIGN Prospective comparative study. SETTING University spine center. PARTICIPANTS Two experienced interventionalists and 3 pain fellows in training. METHODS Each participant independently(More)
The embryos of echinoids (sea urchins and sand dollars) serve as excellent models for studying cilia differentiation and stages of the cilia life cycle including ciliogenic initiation, growth, maintenance, and retraction. Early in echinoid development, uniform motile cilia form on all cells simultaneously but then rapidly differentiate into multiple cilia(More)
UNLABELLED Bacterial evolution is accelerated by mobile genetic elements. To spread horizontally and to benefit the recipient bacteria, genes encoded on these elements must be properly regulated. Among the legionellae are multiple integrative conjugative elements (ICEs) that each encode a paralog of the broadly conserved regulator csrA. Using bioinformatic(More)
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