Zachary Birchmeier

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Knowing how others perceive us is an important aspect of social life. "Impression meta-accuracy" is the extent to which we are correct in our assumptions about the impressions others have formed of us. The goal of this study was to compare meta-accuracy of WWW homepage creators to meta-accuracy of people in face-to-face interactions. Because creators of WWW(More)
The use of computer-supported social interaction (CSI) has become a primary feature of communication among individuals, due in part to its structural features (e.g., freedom of time and geographical constraints) and psychological features (e.g., anonymity). As a consequence, many social scientists have investigated the social processes in computer-supported(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors investigated relationships among prior victimization, risk perceptions, and behavioral choices in responding to drug-facilitated sexual assault in a college party where alcohol is available. PARTICIPANTS AND METHODS From fall 2003 to spring 2004, over 400 female undergraduates rated risk perception following an acquaintance rape(More)
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