Zachary Andrew Wagner

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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the effects of a government insurance program covering tertiary care for people below the poverty line in Karnataka, India, on out-of-pocket expenditures, hospital use, and mortality. DESIGN Geographic regression discontinuity study. SETTING 572 villages in Karnataka, India. PARTICIPANTS 31,476 households (22,796 below poverty(More)
BACKGROUND There is evidence to suggest that antiretroviral therapy (ART) and testing for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) reduce the probability of transmission of HIV. This has led health officials across the United States to take steps toward a test-and-treat policy. However, the extent of the benefits generated by test-and-treat is debatable, and(More)
Achievement of the health-related Millennium Development Goals is dependent on increasing take-up of preventive public health services (PHSs) in developing countries. Poor country governments often lack the resources to provide optimal access to preventive services and a great deal of attention is being directed towards the private sector to fill this void.(More)
Previous work suggests that activation patterns of neurons in superficial layers of the neocortex are more sensitive to spatial context than activation patterns in deep cortical layers. A possible source of this laminar difference is the distribution of contextual information to the superficial cortical layers carried by hippocampal efferents that travel(More)
In this paper, we exploit a lottery in Tanzania, which randomly assigned eligible participants to receive $100 cash grants. The randomized nature of the lottery allows us to estimate the causal impact of positive income shocks on risky sexual behavior. We found that winning the lottery led men to have 0.28 (95 % CI 0.14, 0.55) more sexual partners and to a(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the effects of a government insurance programme covering tertiary care for the poor in Karnataka, India--Vajpayee Arogyashree Scheme (VAS)--on treatment seeking and postoperative outcomes. DESIGN Geographic regression discontinuity. SETTING 572 villages in Karnataka, India. PARTICIPANTS 3478 households in 300 villages where VAS(More)
The MapReduce Computing paradigm has become a very popular and useful tool since its introduction. Many large companies including Facebook, IBM, Yahoo, Twitter, and Google have found intuitive ways to incorporate MapReduce into their current needs and operations. A driving force of the growth in the popularity of MapReduce is the need for a system to handle(More)
We thank Gonzalez-Serna and his colleagues for initiating a discussion on our paper that models the impact of the test-and-treat policy on the human immuno-deficiency virus (HIV) epidemic in Los Angeles County. Gonzalez-Serna et al contest the relevance of our findings that test-and-treat could potentially increase multidrug resistance (MDR) in Los Angeles(More)
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