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Thermo-acoustic instabilities in lean premixed swirl-stabilized combustion and their link to acoustically coupled and decoupled flame macrostructures
Abstract We investigate the onset of thermo-acoustic instabilities and their link to the mean flame configurations – or macrostructures – under acoustically coupled and decoupled conditions.Expand
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Preliminary Characterization of a Helicon Plasma Source for Space Propulsion
The design and construction of the Mini-Helicon Thruster Experiment (mHTX) is discussed. The magnets were designed to produce a maximum field strength of 0.18 T in a Helmholtz configuration so as toExpand
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Turbulent flame microstructure, dynamics, and thermoacoustic instability in swirl-stabilized premixed combustion : measurements, statistics, and analysis
One of the most difficult challenges facing the development of modern gas turbinesfor power generation, and propulsion-is the mitigation of dynamic instabilities in the presence of efficiency andExpand
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Large Eddy Simulations and Experimental Investigation of Flow in a Swirl Stabilized Combustor
Swirling flows are the preferred mode of flame stabilization in lean premixed gas turbine engine combustors. Developing a fundamental understanding of combustion dynamics and flame stability in suchExpand
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Abstract Submitted for the DPP06 Meeting of The American Physical Society Mini-Helicon Thruster Experiment at MIT1 OLEG BATISHCHEV,
Submitted for the DPP06 Meeting of The American Physical Society Mini-Helicon Thruster Experiment at MIT1 OLEG BATISHCHEV, JUSTIN PUCCI, NAREG SINENIAN, ZACHARY LABRY, MURAT CELIK, MANUELExpand
Correspondence Between Uncoupled Flame Macrostructures and Thermoacoustic Instability in Premixed Swirl-Stabilized Combustion
In this paper, we conduct an experimental investigation of a confined premixed swirl-stabilized dump combustor similar to those found in modern gas turbines. We operate the combustor with premixedExpand
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Mode Transition and Intermittency in an Acoustically Uncoupled Lean Premixed Swirl-Stabilized Combustor
The prediction of dynamic instability remains an open and important issue in the development of gas turbine systems, particularly those constrained by emissions limitations. The existence andExpand
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Flow structures in a lean-premixed swirl-stabilized combustor with microjet air injection
Abstract The major challenge facing the development of low-emission combustors is combustion instability. By lowering flame temperatures, lean-premixed combustion has the potential to nearlyExpand
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