Zacharoula K. Papamitsiou

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This paper aims to provide the reader with a comprehensive background for understanding current knowledge on Learning Analytics (LA) and Educational Data Mining (EDM) and its impact on adaptive learning. It constitutes an overview of empirical evidence behind key objectives of the potential adoption of LA/EDM in generic educational strategic planning. We(More)
Predicting student's performance is a challenging, yet complicated task for institutions, instructors and learners. Accurate predictions of performance could lead to improved learning outcomes and increased goal achievement. In this paper we explore the predictive capabilities of student's time-spent on answering (in-)correctly each question of a(More)
In this paper we present a case study of tracking a) students‟ perceptions of performance and goal expectancy before taking a computer-based test, b) their perception of performance after taking the test, c) their actual performance as it is calculated by the testing environment itself and d) their timespent behavior during test. Our goal is to explore(More)
Differences in learners' behavior have a deep impact on their educational performance. Consequently, there is a need to detect and identify these differences and build suitable learner models accordingly. In this paper, we report on the results from an alternative approach for dynamic student behavioral modeling based on the analysis of time-based(More)
Provision of adaptive and personalized Computer Based Assessment (CBA) services to learners is a multidimensional research field. In this paper we investigate the effect of extraversion and conscientiousness with temporal learning analytics on students’ performance during computer based testing. For this purpose, we used the LAERS assessment environment to(More)
Visual representations of student-generated trace data during learning activities help both students and instructors interpret them intuitively and perceive hidden aspects of these data quickly. In this paper, we elaborate on the visualization of temporal trace data during assessment. The goals of the study were twofold: a) to depict students’ engagement in(More)