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A factorial design methodology was implemented to evaluate the importance of ethyl paraben (EP) concentration (500-1500 μg/L), sodium persulfate concentration (400-500 mg/L), temperature (40-60 °C),(More)
In this work, the degradation of the azo dye methyl orange in model aqueous solutions by UVC light-induced persulfate oxidation was studied. Five operating parameters that may influence the(More)
The sonochemical degradation of ethyl paraben (EP), a representative of the parabens family, was investigated. Experiments were conducted at constant ultrasound frequency of 20 kHz and liquid bulk(More)
The electrochemical oxidation of a commercial amoxicillin formulation over a boron-doped diamond (BDD) anode was investigated. The effect of initial COD concentration (1-2 g/L), current density(More)