Zacharias Detorakis

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The sectioned genetic algorithm (hereafter denoted as sectioned GA), which is presented in this paper, represents a modification of the standard GA and deals with large scale problems (i.e. problems involving pattern spaces with high dimensionalities). Instead of increasing the size of the population searching the pattern space when the problem(More)
This paper presents a hierarchical clustering algorithm aimed at creating groups of stems with similar characteristics. The resulting groups (clusters) are expected to comprise stems belonging to the same inflectional paradigm (e.g. verbs in passive voice) which will aid the creation of a morphological lexicon. A new metric for calculating the distance(More)
This article presents a novel approach for morphological analysis based on the concept of genetic algorithms (GAs). Morphological analysis is of critical importance in data mining and information retrieval systems because it leads to a more homogeneous representation of words. The system presented here makes minimal use of language specific information and(More)
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