Zachariah Sinkala

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The study of electron/proton transport in alpha-helix sections of proteins have illustrated the existence of soliton-like mechanisms. Recently, Ciblis and Cosic extended investigation to the existence of possible like soliton-type mechanisms in other parts of the protein. They used Quantum Hamiltonian analysis to investigate. In this paper, we investigate(More)
We develop a systems based model for prostate cancer, as a sub-system of the organism. We accomplish this in two stages. We first start with a general ODE that includes organism response terms. Then, to account for normally observed spatial diffusion of cell populations, the ODE is extended to a PDE that includes spatial terms. Numerical solutions of the(More)
We develop a general method for computing extreme value distribution (Gumbel, 1958) parameters for gapped alignments. Our approach uses mixture distribution theory to obtain associated BLOSUM matrices for gapped alignments, which in turn are used for determining significance of gapped alignment scores for pairs of biological sequences. We compare our(More)
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