Zachariah C. Alex

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This paper presents a multi-fractal antenna operating in ultra wide band range for WLAN and WiMAX applications. The novel idea of multi-fractal geometry is introduced into the conventional triangular patch antenna with microstrip feed. The addition of Koch and Sierpinski fractal techniques gives rise to better impedance bandwidth and return loss(More)
A dual band meander line wearable antenna is designed at the operating frequencies of 406 MHz and 850 MHz. Textile fabric materials were used as the antenna substrate and copper is used as radiating element. Four different types of antenna substrates were put into study. SAR (specific absorption rate) is calculated for the designed antenna using the human(More)
— The paper presents the design and performance measures of a printed stepped patch monopole antenna with semi-elliptical ground plane and band notch for ultra wideband applications. The proposed antenna operates in the frequency range 3.15 ~ 12.2 GHz with average gain of 4.27 dBi. Inverted U-shaped slot is introduced in the feed line for WLAN band(More)
There is an increasing interest in military domain for wearable antennas. This paper presents the development and computation of wearable antenna which are structured into clothing. A compact Coplanar Waveguide fed (CPW) monopole antenna with dual band operation suitable for radar application is investigated. The antenna comprises the shape of a(More)
Development of automatic voice activated low cost wheelchair using intelligent standalone controlling system and Interfaces (Embedded LabVIEW and Compact Reconfigurable Input/Output FPGA Card-cRIO-9074) for physically impaired people is presented in this paper. Various interfaces to control the powered wheelchair were proposed in the past since the voice is(More)
This review paper focuses on the neonatal brain segmentation algorithms in the literature. It provides an overview of clinical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the newborn brain and the challenges in automated tissue classification of neonatal brain MRI. It presents a complete survey of the existing segmentation methods and their salient features. The(More)
A multi-fractal monopole antenna for Ultra wide band applications is presented in this paper. The proposed antenna consists of a combination of Koch and Sierpinski fractals within a ring. Use of multi-fractal technique leads to improved bandwidth, radiation efficiency and reduced size. The proposed antenna size is 19.5&#x00D7;19.5&#x00D7;1 mm<sup>3</sup>(More)
This paper provides an overview of magnetic resonance imaging of the neonatal brain, presents the challenges involved in segmenting the neonatal brain images and reviews the existing techniques for automatic segmentation, including atlas-based probabilistic segmentations and morphology based brain segmentation. It compares the various methods in practice(More)
A Band pass filter which operates in the ultra wide band (UWB) range is designed and implemented. The proposed filter consists of two Interdigital coupled lines at the terminal end and three circular shaped electromagnetic band gap structures (EBG) at the centre of filter configuration. The Circular shaped EBG structures act as a multimode resonator (MMR)(More)