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A major challenge in organic solar cell design is the trade-off between oxidative stability and work function of the metal cathode. We found that in single-junction polymer solar cells, this problem can be surmounted by solution-based incorporation of fulleropyrrolidines with amine (C60-N) or zwitterionic (C60-SB) substituents as cathode-independent buffer(More)
We report on the solution-state assembly of all-conjugated polythiophene diblock copolymers containing nonpolar (hexyl) and polar (triethylene glycol) side chains. The polar substituents provide a large contrast in solubility, enabling formation of stably suspended crystalline fibrils even under very poor solvent conditions for the poly(3-hexylthiophene)(More)
Conjugated polymeric zwitterions, when utilized as interlayer materials in bulk heterojunction organic solar cells, lead to significantly enhanced power conversion efficiencies. The electrostatic model of self-aligning dipolar side groups in the vicinity of the metal surface rationalizes the effects of reduced cathode work function, a key factor behind the(More)
Perovskite-containing tandem solar cells are attracting attention for their potential to achieve high efficiencies. We demonstrate a series connection of a ∼ 90 nm thick perovskite front subcell and a ∼ 100 nm thick polymer:fullerene blend back subcell that benefits from an efficient graded recombination layer containing a zwitterionic fullerene, silver(More)
Conjugated polymer zwitterions (CPZs) are neutral, hydrophilic, polymer semiconductors. The pendent zwitterions, viewed as side chain dipoles, impart solubility in polar solvents for solution processing, and open opportunities as interfacial components of optoelectronic devices, for example, between metal electrodes and organic semiconductor active layers.(More)
A class of tunable visible and near-infrared donor-acceptor Stenhouse adduct (DASA) photoswitches were efficiently synthesized in 2 to 4 steps from commercially available starting materials with minimal purification. Using either Meldrum's or barbituric acid "acceptors" in combination with aniline-based "donors" an absorption range spanning from 450 to 750(More)
Three conjugated polymer zwitterions (CPZs), containing thiophene-, diketopyrrolopyrrole- (DPP), and naphthalene diimide (NDI) backbones, were synthesized with pendant zwitterions, specifically sulfobetaine groups. Diboronate-ester-functionalized bithiophene and benzothiadiazole monomers were copolymerized with zwitterion-substituted dibromothiophene, DPP,(More)
The utility of Meldrum's activated furan (MAF) for the colorimetric detection of sub ppm levels of amines in solution, on solid supports, and as vapors is reported. MAF is synthesized in one step from inexpensive and commercially available starting materials and exhibits high selectivity for primary and secondary amines in the presence of competing(More)
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