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The Digital Slide Archive: A Software Platform for Management, Integration, and Analysis of Histology for Cancer Research.
The Digital Slide Archive (DSA) is described, an open-source web-based platform for digital pathology that allows investigators to manage large collections of histologic images and integrate them with clinical and genomic metadata. Expand
uvcdat: UV-CDAT 2.6
Accelerating ultrasound image analysis research through publically available database
A new database is presented that is building to archive and distribute ultrasound images of an abdominal phantom acquired at different image acquisition parameters, which contains tracking information of the transducer in addition to the 2D ultrasound image slices. Expand
geojs: Version 0.6.0
geojs: Version 0.9.0
Theory and Methods for Large Spatial Data
Estimating conditional probabilities of historical migrations in the transatlantic slave trade using kriging and Markov decision process models
A novel two-step statistical approach is developed to describe the enslavement of people given documented violent conflict, the transport of enslaved peoples from their location of capture to their port of departure, and---given an enslaved individual's location of departure---that person's probability of origin. Expand
geojs: Version 0.8.0
Mapping the uncertainty of 19th century West African slave origins using a Markov decision process model
This project aims to bridge the lack of accurate maps of Africa during the trans-Atlantic slave trade with the personalized question of where within Africa an individual slave may have hailed by generating and visualize the conditional probability of a slave coming from a certain spatial region given they were sold at a certain port. Expand