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Mutation of the glass onion locus causes drastic neuronal patterning defects in the zebrafish retina and brain. The precise stratified appearance of the wild-type retina is absent in the mutants. The glass onion phenotype is first visible shortly after the formation of optic primordia and is characterized by the rounding of cells and disruption of the(More)
The vertebrate nervous system contains an immense diversity of distinct cellular components that are organized into precise spatial patterns. The importance of accurate neuronal architecture is particularly obvious in the retina, where it is necessary for the formation of visual images. The retina is structured in a distinct layered pattern that is(More)
The zebrafish has been established as a mainstream research system, largely due to the immense success of genetic screens. Over 2000 mutant alleles affecting zebrafish's early development have been isolated in two large-scale morphological screens and several smaller efforts. So far, over 50 mutant strains display retinal defects and many more have been(More)
To gain an understanding of molecular events that underlie pattern formation in the retina, we evaluated the expression profiles of over 8000 transcripts randomly selected from an embryonic zebrafish library. Detailed analysis of cDNAs that display restricted expression patterns revealed factors that are specifically expressed in single cell classes and are(More)
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