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We quantitated the methylated fraction of CpG sites in the promoter regions of O6-MGMT, p14ARF, p16INK4a, RASSF1A and APC1A in tumor tissue from patients with colorectal cancer (CRC) in order to determine if promoter hypermethylation of any of these genes predicts survival. DNA was isolated from 111 primary CRC and 46 matched normal colorectal mucosa(More)
Hypermethylation of the O6-MGMT, p14ARF, p16INK4a, RASSF1A and APC1A genes are unfavourable prognostic markers in colorectal cancer (CRC). We hypothesized that they could be related to prognosis also in cervical cancer. Methylation was studied in DNA extracts from surgical specimens of cancer tissue by novel pyrosequencing methods. In 109 patients (90(More)
DNA methylation status in the CpG sites of promoter regions in cancer-related genes, such as PTCH, has traditionally been investigated using either dye-terminator sequencing or methylation-specific PCR. We aimed to study the PTCH gene promoter methylation in gynecological cancers, with a method that gives a quantitative measure of the methylation status of(More)
Apicobasal polarity is known to affect epithelial morphogenesis and cell differentiation, but it remains unknown how these processes are mechanistically orchestrated. We find that ligand-specific EGFR signalling via PI(3)K and Rac1 autonomously modulates apicobasal polarity to enforce the sequential control of morphogenesis and cell differentiation.(More)
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