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Role of Aniline Oligomeric Nanosheets in the Formation of Polyaniline Nanotubes
We report the phenomenon of nanosheet rolling during typical aqueous polymerization and study its implications for the self-assembly of polyaniline nanotubes. Specifically, this is done through aExpand
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Morphological Evolution of Self-Assembled Polyaniline Nanostuctures Obtained by pH-stat Chemical Oxidation
The chemical oxidation of polyaniline is carried out at constant acidity, investigating six separate pH levels (pH = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6). All prior studies on polyaniline self-assembly used a fal...
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Effect of milling conditions on the solid-state conversion of ranitidine hydrochloride form 1.
Powder samples of ranitidine hydrochloride forms 1 and 2 were milled using a vibrational ball mill (Retsch MM301) for periods up to 240min at 4, 12 and 35 degrees C. X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD),Expand
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Self-assembled nanostructured aniline oxidation products: a structural investigation
The structure and oxidation state of self-assembled nanostructures formed by oxidation of aniline with ammonium persulfate in the presence of alanine have been investigated by solid-state 13C and 15NExpand
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Theories of polyaniline nanostructure self-assembly: Towards an expanded, comprehensive Multi-Layer Theory (MLT)
Nanostructured conducting polymeric materials are of exceptional interest due to their potential applications in sensors, actuators, transistors and displays. Arguably the most promising method forExpand
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Structure and Dynamics of Wheat Starch in Breads Fortified with Polyphenols and Pectin: an ESEM and Solid-State CP/MAS 13C NMR Spectroscopic Study
Two sets of breads formulated with a 20% difference in water quantity in the absence (control bread), or presence (fortified bread) of high methoxyl pectin (HM) and an apple, kiwifruit, orExpand
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Characterization and antimicrobial efficacy of acetone extracted aniline oligomers
Abstract The spectroscopic characterization of acetone extracted aniline oligomers (AEAO) of oxidative polymerization of aniline using potassium iodate (KIO 3 ) as oxidant is performed. The chemicalExpand
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Lamellar-structured nanoflakes comprised of stacked oligoaniline nanosheets.
Conducting polymers (CPs), such as polyaniline (PANI) nanostructures, are novel materials with a wide range of applications, including sensors, transistors, and actuators. This is due to their uniqueExpand
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Evaluation of a crystalline nanosuspension: polymorphism, process induced transformation and in vivo studies.
The aim of this work was to evaluate a crystalline nanosuspension of an investigational anticancer compound, SN 30191. Solid forms of SN 30191 were prepared and characterized by thermal analysis,Expand
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Structural Characteristics of Polyaniline Nanotubes Synthesized from Different Buffer Solutions
Polyaniline (PANI) nanotubes were chemically synthesized from different aqueous buffer solutions: citric acid/phosphate (pH 3 and pH 4 as prepared) and HCl/phthalate (pH 3), beginning with 0.2 M an...
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