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Study on the immune enhancement of different immunoadjuvants used in the pentavalent vaccine for turbots.
In this study, we investigated the immune enhancing effects of different adjuvants used in a pentavalent vaccine for turbots. The pentavalent vaccine consisted of inactive bacterial cells from fiveExpand
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Isolation of cellulose—producing microbes from the intestine of grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idellus)
The cellulase activities of bacterial strains in the intestine of grass carp were analyzed, using filter paper and absorbent cotton as substrates and measuring the concentration of glucose byExpand
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Clinical Analysis of 11 Cases With a New Variety of Bunyavirus Infection
Objective: To investigate the clinical features,treatment and prognosis of a new variety of bunyavirus infection. Methods: Living environment,clinical manifestations,treatment and prognosis of 11Expand
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Re-analysis of "Bu Tai A"——A Probe from Semantic Feature Analysis and Pragmatic Justifications
Combining the related theory of Cognitive Linguistics,this paper analyzes the semantic feature of "Bu Tai A"and the distribution of "A".A further exploration of its feature of structure and emotionalExpand
A Psychological Study of Zhang Ailing's Creation of Novels
Zhang Ailing and her novels enjoy a very important position in the modern literature history of China.The present paper does a psychological study of her novel creation from four aspects.
Observation of therapeutic effects of Niaodukang Jianji on chronic renal failure
AIM: To evaluate the therapeutic effects of Niaodukang Jianji in treating chronic renal failure (CRF) and compare them with those of Shenan. METHODS: Patients with CRF were randomly divided into theExpand
Prevention of cardiovascular vagal reaction after sheath removal in coronary artery intervention therapy
Objective To investigate the prophylaxis and treatment of the vagal reaction after sheath removal in coronary artery intervention.Methods 496 patients undergone coronary artery intervention wereExpand
A New Family of Cuprates with 1212 Structure: SnBa2CaCu2Oy
A new layered cuprate, SnBa 2 CaCu 2 O y , which has a perovskite-related structure, has been discovered. The crystal structure is investigated by powder X-ray diffraction. It has a tetragonalExpand
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The Application of ArcObjects Components to Secondary Development of GIS
The author illustrated how to use the object oriented technique ArcObjects,such as: levels, code technique and methods of developing. Expand
Research on International Trends of E-government
By analyzing the reform process and the law of development of e-government in United States, Canada, Singapore and other leading countries in e- government construction, put forward the future trends of e government. Expand