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Laimaphelenchus Heidelbergi SP. NOV.(Nematoda: Aphelenchina) From Victoria, Australia, and Emendment of the Diagnosis of the Genus
Summary Laimaphelenchus heidelbergi sp. nov. is described from wood of the exotic pine, Pinus radiata, from Heidelberg Park, Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia. This is the third record ofExpand
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Litylenchus coprosma gen. n., sp. n. (Tylenchida: Anguinata), from leaves of Coprosma repens (Rubiaceae) in New Zealand
Summary – A new genus and species of anguinid nematode, Litylenchus coprosma gen. n., sp. n., was recovered from leaves of Coprosma repens A. Rich. from an amenity planting in Wellington, NewExpand
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Diploscapter formicidae sp. n. (Rhabditida: Diploscapteridae), from the ant Prolasius advenus (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in New Zealand
Diploscapter formicidae sp. n. was collected from the ant Prolasius advenus and its nests in native beech forests of the South Island, New Zealand. This is a new host record for the nematode genusExpand
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Phylogenetic relationships within the superfamily Desmodoroidea (Nematoda: Desmodorida), with descriptions of two new and one known species
Three nematode species of the superfamily Desmodoroidea Filipjev, 1922, were isolated from beach sediments in Wellington, New Zealand, for morphological and molecular analyses. Two of these species,Expand
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Laimaphelenchus Preissii Sp. Nov. (Nematoda: Aphelenchina) from Native Pine Callitris Preissii in South Australia
Summary Laimaphelenchus preissii sp. nov. is described from bark of the Australian native conifer, Callitris preissii from Burdett, South Australia. This is the first record of Laimaphelenchus fromExpand
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Laimaphelenchus australis sp. nov. (Nematoda: Aphelenchina) from exotic pines, Pinus radiata and P. pinaster, in Australia
Laimaphelenchus australis sp. nov. is described from bark of the exotic pines, Pinus pinaster from Kuitpo, South Australia, and Pinus radiata from Dartmoor, Victoria. This is the second record ofExpand
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Phylogenetic position of the enigmatic deep-sea nematode order Rhaptothyreida: A molecular analysis.
The placement of the rare deep-sea nematode order Rhaptothyreida remains unclear due to the unique morphology of this group, an unknown life cycle with morphologically distinct juvenile stages whichExpand
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Laimaphelenchus persicus n. sp. (Nematoda: Aphelenchoididae) from Iran.
Laimaphelenchus persicus n. sp. is described and illustrated from the Caspian region of Iran, where it was extracted frombark collected from Pinus sylvestris. The new species is characterized byExpand
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