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Directly Modulated Semiconductor Lasers
This paper presents a review and discussion of the directly modulated semiconductor lasers and their applications to optical communications and microwave photonics. A detailed and comprehensiveExpand
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Control Strategy for Voltage Source Converter-Based HVDC System under Unbalanced Voltage Conditions
The mathematical model of voltage source converter-based flexible DC transmission system (VSC-HVDC) and traditional fault control strategy are comprehensively analyzed. The proportional resonantExpand
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Static Voltage Stability Margin Calculation for the Microgrid Based on Immune Algorithm
To the questions of approaching degree between operating point and collapse point, and operating mechanism in the instability, the main method to analyze power system is often the calculation ofExpand
A Raman spectroscopy study of MBE-grown Hg 1− x Cd x Se alloys grown on GaSb (2 1 1) by molecular beam epitaxy
Abstract This work presents a Raman spectroscopy study of Hg1−xCdxSe alloys grown on GaSb (2 1 1) substrates by molecular beam epitaxy. For the Raman spectra of Hg1−xCdxSe (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.6) measured withExpand
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Theoretical modeling and analysis for laser shock tensioning process of circular saw blade
Abstract It needs an extremely large number of elements for a relatively accurate finite element simulation of laser shock tensioning process of circular saw blade, which results in extremely lowExpand
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