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A general multilevel SEM framework for assessing multilevel mediation.
Several methods for testing mediation hypotheses with 2-level nested data have been proposed by researchers using a multilevel modeling (MLM) paradigm. However, these MLM approaches do notExpand
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A meta-analysis of shared leadership and team effectiveness.
A growing number of studies have examined the "sharedness" of leadership processes in teams (i.e., shared leadership, collective leadership, and distributed leadership). We meta-analyticallyExpand
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Multilevel structural equation models for assessing moderation within and across levels of analysis.
Social scientists are increasingly interested in multilevel hypotheses, data, and statistical models as well as moderation or interactions among predictors. The result is a focus on hypotheses andExpand
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The determinants of leadership role occupancy: Genetic and personality factors.
This study investigated the influence of genetic factor and personality on leadership role occupancy among a sample of male twins. Identical twins (n=238) who share 100% of their genetic backgroundExpand
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Leader-team congruence in power distance values and team effectiveness: the mediating role of procedural justice climate.
We examine the effect of (in)congruence between leaders' and teams' power distance values on team effectiveness. We hypothesize that the (in)congruence between these values would differentiallyExpand
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Age and reemployment success after job loss: An integrative model and meta-analysis.
Despite widespread popular concern about what it means to be over 40 and unemployed, little attention has been paid in the literature to clarifying the role of age within the job seeking experience.Expand
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Developing and Testing a Dynamic Model of Workplace Incivility Change
Theory and practice suggest workplace incivility is progressive and dynamic. To date, however, workplace incivility has been assessed as a between-person phenomenon by asking employees to summarizeExpand
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Genetic influences on core self-evaluations, job satisfaction, and work stress: A behavioral genetics mediated model
In this study we investigated the mediated influence of core self-evaluations (CSE) on employee health problems via job satisfaction and work stress, and the degree to which genetic factors explainExpand
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Developmental and genetic determinants of leadership role occupancy among women.
The genetic and developmental influences on leadership role occupancy were investigated using a sample of 178 fraternal and 214 identical female twins. Two general developmental factors wereExpand
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Empowerment and creativity: A cross-level investigation
Abstract Drawing upon social learning and self-determination theories, we hypothesized and tested a chain mediating process linking empowerment to employee creativity. Based on data from 385Expand
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