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Matching pursuits with time-frequency dictionaries
  • S. Mallat, Z. Zhang
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Signal Process.
  • 1 August 1993
The authors introduce an algorithm, called matching pursuit, that decomposes any signal into a linear expansion of waveforms that are selected from a redundant dictionary of functions. Expand
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Adaptive time-frequency decompositions
We introduce a greedy algorithm, called a matching pursuit, which computes a suboptimal expansion of a signal in a redundant dictionary of waveforms using chaotic maps whose attractors define a generic noise with respect to the dictionary. Expand
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Cloud radio access network (C-RAN): a primer
In the era of mobile Internet, mobile operators are facing pressure on ever-increasing capital expenditures and operating expenses with much less growth of income. Expand
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Adaptive Nonlinear Approximations
The problem of optimally approximating a function with a linear expansion over a redundant dictionary of waveforms is NP-hard. The greedy matching pursuit algorithm and its orthogonalized variantExpand
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Scallop genome provides insights into evolution of bilaterian karyotype and development
Reconstructing the genomes of bilaterian ancestors is central to our understanding of animal evolution, where knowledge from ancient and/or slow-evolving bilaterian lineages is critical. Here weExpand
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Occurrence, distribution, and bioaccumulation of antibiotics in coastal environment of Dalian, China.
Seawater, sediment, and aquatic organism samples were collected from 20 sampling sites in coastal environment of Dalian in August, 2011. The occurrence, distribution, and bioaccumulation of 20Expand
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Persistent organic pollutants carried on plastic resin pellets from two beaches in China.
Microplastics provide a mechanism for the long-range transport of hydrophobic chemical contaminants to remote coastal and marine locations. In this study, plastic resin pellets were collected fromExpand
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Adaptive time-frequency decomposition with matching pursuits
  • S. Mallat, Z. Zhang
  • Mathematics
  • [] Proceedings of the IEEE-SP International…
  • 4 October 1992
An adaptive time-frequency decomposition is introduced. It represents signals as a linear expansion of local time-frequency waveforms, selected in order to match the signal structures. TheExpand
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Uteroglobin: a novel cytokine?
Abstract. Blastokinin or uteroglobin (UG) is a steroid-inducible, evolutionarily conserved, multifunctional protein secreted by the mucosal epithelia of virtually all mammals. It is present in theExpand
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The analysis of foreign exchange data using waveform dictionaries
This paper uses waveform dictionaries to decompose the signals contained within three foreign exchange rates using tick-by-tick observations obtained world wide. The three exchange rates examined areExpand
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