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Assessing China’s carbon intensity pledge for 2020: stringency and credibility issues and their implications
Just prior to the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit, China pledged to cut its carbon intensity by 40–45% by 2020 relative to its 2005 levels. This raises the issue of whether such a pledge isExpand
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Why did the energy intensity fall in China's industrial sector in the 1990s? The relative importance of structural change and intensity change
  • Z. Zhang
  • Environmental Science
  • 1 November 2003
There have been a variety of studies investigating the relative importance of structural change and real intensity change to the change in China's energy consumption in the 1980s. However, noExpand
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China is moving away the pattern of
Confronted with the rising costs of environmental degradation associated with rapid economic growth, the top Chinese- leaders have gradually recognized that the conventional path of encouragingExpand
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A Broadband Electronically Mode-Reconfigurable Orbital Angular Momentum Metasurface Antenna
In this letter, a 2 × 2 low-profile broadband triple-mode orbital angular momentum (OAM) array antenna is presented, which can be dynamically controlled with electrostatic method. The antenna elementExpand
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Remarkable enhancement of a photochemical Fenton-like system (UV-A/Fe(II)/PMS) at near-neutral pH and low Fe(II)/peroxymonosulfate ratio by three alpha hydroxy acids: Mechanisms and influencing
Abstract In this work, the strong enhancements of three alpha hydroxy acid (AHA = citric, tartaric and malic acids, respectively) in benzoic acid (BA) degradation process byExpand
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Ferrate Oxidation of Phenolic Compounds in Iodine Containing Water: Control of Iodinated Aromatic Products.
Highly toxic iodinated products would form in oxidation and disinfection of iodine containing water. Variation of iodinated aromatic products in ferrate [Fe(VI)] oxidation of phenolic compoundsExpand
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Design of H-Tree fractal slots frequency reconfigurable hexagonal patch antenna using PIN diodes
ABSTRACT In this paper, a frequency reconfigurable hexagonal patch antenna with the ability to operate in L and S bands is been presented. This patch incorporates a H-Tree fractal slot on the patchExpand
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Comparative study about oxidation of trace N-nitrosamines by seven oxidation processes with a sensitivity improved determination method
Abstract N-nitrosamines are highly toxic disinfection byproducts (DBPs) formed in drinking water treatment process. Moreover, they could permeate reverse osmosis (RO) membrane during water recycling.Expand
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Mutual Coupling Reduction of Closely E/H-Plane Coupled Antennas Through Metasurfaces
In this letter, a simple metasurface superstrate structure is proposed to reduce mutual coupling of both <italic>E</italic>-plane and <italic>H</italic>-plane coupled patch antennas. The proposedExpand
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