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Genome-wide identification and expression analysis of heat-responsive and novel microRNAs in Populus tomentosa.
Plant microRNAs have a vital role in various abiotic stress responses by regulating gene expression. Heat stress is one of the most severe abiotic stresses, and affects plant growth and development,Expand
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Genome-wide profiling of novel and conserved Populus microRNAs involved in pathogen stress response by deep sequencing
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small RNAs, generally of 20–23 nt, that down-regulate target gene expression during development, differentiation, growth, and metabolism. In Populus, extensive studies ofExpand
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Genome-wide identification of cold-responsive and new microRNAs in Populus tomentosa by high-throughput sequencing.
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small, non-coding RNAs that regulate the expression of target mRNAs in plant growth, development, abiotic stress responses, and pathogen responses. Cold stress is one of theExpand
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Identification of novel and conserved Populus tomentosa microRNA as components of a response to water stress
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a class of small, non-coding RNAs that play important downregulation roles in plants growth, development, and stress responses. To better identify Populus tomentosa miRNAs andExpand
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The sucrose synthase gene family in Populus: structure, expression, and evolution
Sucrose synthase is a key enzyme in sucrose metabolism in plant cells, and it is involved in the synthesis of cell wall cellulose. Although the sucrose synthase gene (SUS) family in the model plantsExpand
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Entropy Estimation in Turing's Perspective
  • Z. Zhang
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Neural Computation
  • 1 May 2012
A new nonparametric estimator of Shannon's entropy on a countable alphabet is proposed and analyzed against the well-known plug-in estimator that decays at a rate of O(ln(n)/n). Expand
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Variation in Genomic Methylation in Natural Populations of Chinese White Poplar
Background It is thought that methylcytosine can be inherited through meiosis and mitosis, and that epigenetic variation may be under genetic control or correlation may be caused by neutral drift.Expand
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Clinicopathological significance of E-cadherin, VEGF, and MMPs in gastric cancer
E-cadherin, vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), and matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are important molecules involved in tumor metastasis. In this study, we examined the expressions ofExpand
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Identification and characterization of salt-responsive microRNAs in Populus tomentosa by high-throughput sequencing.
Salt is one of the main environmental factors limiting plant growth and a better understanding of mechanisms of salt stress would aid efforts to bolster plant salt tolerance. MicroRNAs are well knownExpand
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Functional analysis of 5′ untranslated region of a TIR-NBS-encoding gene from triploid white poplar
Genome-wide analyses have identified a set of TIR-NBS-encoding genes in plants. However, the molecular mechanism underlying the expression of these genes is still unknown. In this study, we presentedExpand
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