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A simple approach to single-cell microdissection and molecular analysis.
A simple approach to single-cell microdissection from Papanicolaou-stained smears makes the combination of molecular analysis and morphologic diagnosis possible in cases with limited materials and has significant implications for cytology.
Calcitonin Receptor Gene Polymorphism in Japanese Women: Correlation with Body Mass and Bone Mineral Density
The CTR allele is one of the genetic factors regulating body weight in Japanese women and was found that C allele was predominant in the Japanese population, however, Caucasians have an almost equal ratio of the C and T.
Overexpression of p53 protein correlates with a high risk of malignant transformation of adenomas in patients with multiple colorectal adenomas
It is indicated that p53 abnormality may be an important genetic factor responsible for the high risk of developing carcinomas in patients with multiple adenomas and the incidence of p53 overexpression was significantly higher in multiple groups than in single groups.
Genetic variants of calcitonin receptor and breast cancer in Japanese.
Allelic variation of the CTR gene is not a significant risk factor for the development of breast carcinoma in Japanese women and there was no significant association of CTR allele frequencies in invasive breast carcinomas.