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Treatment of campus wastewater by a pilot-scale constructed wetland utilizing Typha latifolia, Juncus acutus and Iris versicolor
Constructed wetland is a popular treatment method for different sources of wastewaters, being an alternative to conventional wastewater treatment methods that have operational and financialExpand
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Antioxidative enzyme activities in Brassica juncea L. And Brassica oleracea L. Plants under chromium stress
Chromium (Cr) is one of the most common heavy-metal contaminant in groundwater, soil and sediments. Cr is a toxic element that occurs in highly variable oxidation states. Since Cr (VI) is a strongExpand
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Applicability of leachates originating from solid-waste landfills for irrigation in landfill restoration projects.
Since, landfill areas are still the most widely used solid waste disposal method across the world, leachate generated from landfills should be given importance. Leachate of landfills exertsExpand
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Use of sewage sludge in growth media for ornamental plants and its effects on growth and heavy metal accumulation
Sewage sludge is a thick sludge of solid materials which settle out from wastewater during the treatment process, whether the wastewater is being moved through a home septic system or a commercialExpand
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Potential of Biofuel Usage in Turkey’s Energy Supply
Rapidly growing population and industrialization brought about the enormous need for energy, alongside the environmental problems. Since biofuel energy is inexhaustible, it is becoming increasinglyExpand
Farklı İklim Bölgelerindeki Seralar için Isı Gereksinimlerinin Modellenmesi
Seralardan kaliteli yuksek verimin alinabilmesi icin seralarin isitilmasi gereklidir. Ancak isitma giderleri uretim maliyetini ciddi anlamda etkilemektedir. Seralarda surdurulebilirlik, enerjiExpand