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Field test of quantum key distribution in the Tokyo QKD Network.
Two GHz-clocked QKD links enable the world-first secure TV conferencing over a distance of 45km to be demonstrated and detection of an eavesdropper, rerouting into a secure path, and key relay via trusted nodes are demonstrated in this network.
Quantum key distribution over 122 km of standard telecom fiber
We report a demonstration of quantum key distribution over a standard telecom fiber exceeding 100 km in length. Through careful optimization of the interferometer and single photon detector, we
Overcoming the rate–distance limit of quantum key distribution without quantum repeaters
This work introduces an alternative scheme for QKD whereby pairs of phase-randomized optical fields are first generated at two distant locations and then combined at a central measuring station, enabling a form of quantum key distribution that can exceed the secret-key capacity without using quantum repeaters and that has security independent of the measuring devices.
Quantum key distribution for 10 Gb/s dense wavelength division multiplexing networks
We demonstrate quantum key distribution (QKD) with bidirectional 10 Gb/s classical data channels in a single fiber using dense wavelength division multiplexing. Record secure key rates of 2.38 Mbps
Gigahertz decoy quantum key distribution with 1 Mbit/s secure key rate.
We report the first gigahertz clocked decoy-protocol quantum key distribution (QKD). Record key rates have been achieved thanks to the use of self-differencing InGaAs avalanche photodiodes designed
Coexistence of High-Bit-Rate Quantum Key Distribution and Data on Optical Fiber
This work exploits a novel temporal-filtering effect for noisephoton rejection that allows high-bit-rate QKD over fibers up to 90 km in length and populated with error-free bidirectional Gb=s data communications.
Continuous operation of high bit rate quantum key distribution
We demonstrate a quantum key distribution with a secure bit rate exceeding 1 Mbit/s over 50 km fiber averaged over a continuous 36 h period. Continuous operation of high bit rates is achieved using
High speed single photon detection in the near-infrared
InGaAs avalanche photodiodes (APDs) are convenient for single photon detection in the near-infrared (NIR) including the fibre communication bands (1.31/1.55 $\mu$m). However, to suppress afterpulse
Quantum key distribution without detector vulnerabilities using optically seeded lasers
Quantum cryptography immune from detector attacks is realized by the development of a source of indistinguishable laser pulses based on optically seeded gain-switched lasers. Key rates exceeding 1 Mb
Unconditionally secure quantum key distribution over 50 km of standard telecom fibre
A weak pulse quantum key distribution system is presented, which is secure against all individual attacks, including photon number splitting, and the maximum secure bit rate as a function of the fibre length is demonstrated.