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State estimation based model predictive control applied to shell control problem: a case study
Abstract In this paper, we demonstrate how a practical control problem with multiple control/optimization objectives and various operating constraints is formulated in the theoretical framework ofExpand
Revelation of Traffic Safety on In-Depth Investigation for Road Accident
The accident investigation is the basis for dealing with traffic accidents,with the continuous economic and social development,road traffic accidents occur frequently,the people/s growing awarenessExpand
Efficacy of therapeutic plasma exchange in pediatric hemolytic uremic syndrome:single centre experience
Objective To assess the efficacy of therapeutic plasma exchange(TPE)in pediatric hemolytic uremic syndrome(HUS). Methods A retrospective analysis was done in 20 HUS pediatric patients(2~10 yearsExpand
Studies based on morphology, chromosome, protein, and biological characters of Vibrissaphora were reviewed, and some problems of this genus were brought forward.
Appraisal on the Effect and Analysis on Influencing Factors of Medical Assistance for Urban Poor Residents
OBJECTIVE Understood effect of medical assistance on A,B,C,D,E,and F City, and discusses the affecting factors of the urban medical assistance. METHOD Carries on the investigation to 1 116Expand
The Surface Morphology and Mechanical Behavior Studies of DAST Crystal on (001) and (110) Faces
4-dimethyla-mino-N-methyl 4-stilbazolium tosylate(DAST) crystals were prepared by the slope nucleation method (SNM). The structural and optical properties of the grown crystals were studied byExpand
A Commentary of the Research on Collective Efficacy in Public Sphere
Collective efficacy in public sphere is defined as a sense of collective belief and anticipation through shared mutual trust and social cohesion among residents when coordinating and integratingExpand
On ethical institution
  • Z. Yu
  • Political Science
  • 2003
Ethical institution, or moral institutionalization ,is an important field of the ethics research and moral practice at the present .The author studies it by the use of intersect concept theory andExpand
Vickers Hardness Studies on (001) and (110) Faces of DAST Crystal
4-Dimethylamino-N-methyl 4-Stilbazolium Tosylate(DAST) crystals were prepared by the slope nucleation method. The Vickers hardness of DAST crystal was studied on (001) and (110) faces. It was foundExpand
On News Presenters' Language Skill
The news presenter is the artist who expresses the meanings by using vocal language.Language skill is the key factor of the presenter's qualities,and has a direct impact on the quality of the programExpand