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Oxygen Evolution Efficiency and Chlorine Evolution Efficiency for Electrocatalytic Properties of MnO2-based Electrodes in Seawater
To improve both oxygen evolution efficiency and stability at high temperatures, Mn, Mn+Mo, Mn+Mo+V, and Mn+Fe+V oxide electrodes were prepared on a Ti substrate, with an intermediate layer of IrO2,Expand
A study on the performance of IrO2–Ta2O5 coated anodes with surface treated Ti substrates
Abstract Oxalic acid etching and hydrogen treatment were applied on Ti substrates of IrO 2 –Ta 2 O 5 coated anodes. The coatings were prepared by thermal decomposition of a mixture of H 2 IrCl 6 ·6HExpand
An accurate regression of developmental stages for breast cancer based on transcriptomic biomarkers.
AIM Breast cancers at different stages have tremendous differences on both phenotypic and molecular patterns. The developmental stage is an essential factor in the clinical decision of treatmentExpand
Promotion of in situ TiNx interlayer on morphology and electrochemical properties of titanium based IrO2-Ta2O5 coated anode
Abstract TiN x interlayer was prepared in situ by ion nitrided method on the surface of titanium substrates. The IrO 2 -Ta 2 O 5 coatings were then prepared on the ion nitrided titanium substrate byExpand
Corrosion resistance of AlN and Fe3Al reinforced Fe-based plasma cladding layer in 3.5 wt% NaCl solution
Abstract Fe-based cladding layers were prepared via the plasma cladding method using nitrogen as protective and reactant gas. The effects of Al on the phase structure, morphology, composition, andExpand
In situ synthesis of TiC-TiN-reinforced Fe-base plasma cladding coatings
ABSTRACT Using titanium, boron carbide and iron-based alloy powders as reactive sources, an Fe-based cladding coating reinforced by in situ synthesised TiC-TiN particles was fabricated using theExpand
Electro-catalytic study of IrO2Ta2O5 coated anodes with pretreated titanium substrates
Abstract Pre-treatment such as oxalic acid etching, nitrogen treatment and hydrogen treatment were applied on the titanium substrates of IrO 2 Ta 2 O 5 coated anodes. The IrO 2 Ta 2 O 5 coatings wereExpand
Effect of heat treatment of titanium substrates on the properties of IrO2-Ta2O5 coated anodes
The Ti substrates of IrO2-Ta2O5 coated anodes were treated by solid-solution and aging, stress relieving annealing, and recrystallization annealing, and the coatings were prepared by thermalExpand
Effect of Different Shapes of the Titanium Based IrO2-Ta2O5 Coatings Anode on Electrochemical Properties
Abstract The titanium substrates of IrO 2 -Ta 2 O 5 coating anodes were manufactured into plate and expanded mesh, respectively. The coatings were prepared by conventionally thermal decompositionExpand
Integrated effects of Ulva prolifera bloom and decay on nutrients inventory and cycling in marginal sea of China.
Ulva prolifera blooms occur annually in the Yellow Sea. Most studies focus on how U. prolifera blooming is influenced by nitrogen chemical forms and concentrations, while little concern goes to howExpand