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Ophiostomatoid fungi associated with three pine-infesting bark beetles in South Africa.
Nine different ophiostomatoid species were identified and, among these, Leptographium serpens, L. lundbergii, and Ophiostoma ips, were most frequently encountered and newly recorded from South Africa.
Some Issues in Facial Transplantation
With the progresses in composite tissue allotransplantation, partial or full facial transplantation is becoming a timely and effective remedy for the significantly disfigured patients, however, there are a lot of problems unsolved, and as they have performed the transplant on only three individuals, no long‐term outcome data are available.
The solvothermal synthesis of γ-AlOOH nanoflakes and their compression behaviors under high pressures
Boehmite, γ-AlOOH, has attracted increasing research enthusiasm due to its scientific and technological importance. The compression behaviors of γ-AlOOH are of vital relevance to the insight into
Populus Cultivation-clones in Different Cultivated Area and Its Diseases in China
In this review, the authors outlined the Chinese literatures on Populus diseases in the past 40 years and listed 246 pathogen organisms from 98 species, clones, and cultivateds of Populus.
Synthesis and fungicidal activity of 1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-yl thioether derivatives containing a phenazine-1-carboxylic acid scaffold
The results reveal that most target compounds possessed moderate to good fungicidal activities against R. solani, S. sclerotioru and P. oryzac Cavgra, providing a valuable lead compound for further studies.
Optimal design and optimal algorithm of fuzzy CMAC
A novel CMAC with optimal design means to optimize distribution of displacement vectors and membership function of the fuzzy CMAC and its learning object is explored.