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The human visual system estimates angle features in an internal reference frame: A computational and psychophysical study.
We found that the human visual system processes the angle feature in two stages: first, by encoding the orientation of bounding lines and combining them into an angle feature; and second, by estimating the angle in an orthogonal internal reference frame (IRF). Expand
Integration of Motion and Form Cues for the Perception of Self-Motion in the Human Brain
When moving around in the world, the human visual system uses both motion and form information to estimate the direction of self-motion (i.e., heading). However, little is known about cortical areasExpand
Actor-Action Video Classification CSC 249/449 Spring 2020 Challenge Report
This technical report summarizes submissions and compiles from Actor-Action video classification challenge held as a final project in CSC 249/449 Machine Vision course (Spring 2020). Expand