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The variations in soil microbial communities, enzyme activities and their relationships with soil organic matter decomposition along the northern slope of Changbai Mountain
We present a comprehensive analysis of the changes in the structure and functioning of the soil microbial communities, as well as their driving factors along the northern slope of Changbai MountainExpand
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Coordinated pattern of multi-element variability in leaves and roots across Chinese forest biomes
Aim The elemental composition of plants is of fundamental importance for plant physiology and biogeochemical cycling. Knowledge about how the pattern of multi-element variability is coordinatedExpand
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Nitrate in shallow groundwater in typical agricultural and forest ecosystems in China, 2004-2010.
The nitrate-nitrogen (NO3(-)-N) concentrations from shallow groundwater wells situated in 29 of the Chinese Ecosystem Research Network field stations, representing typical agro- and forestExpand
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Identification of coastal wetlands of international importance for waterbirds: a review of China Coastal Waterbird Surveys 2005–2013
BackgroundChina’s coastal wetlands belong to some of the most threatened ecosystems worldwide. The loss and degradation of these wetlands seriously threaten waterbirds that depend onExpand
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Different phylogenetic and environmental controls of first‐order root morphological and nutrient traits: Evidence of multidimensional root traits
Summary 1.Although fine roots are essential for the water and nutrient uptake of plants, there is limited understanding of root trait variation and the underlying mechanism. 2.Here, sixExpand
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Chinese deserts and sand fields in Last Glacial Maximum and Holocene Optimum
The Last Glacial Maximum (LGM, c. 26-16 ka) and the Holocene Optimum (HO, c. 9-5 ka) were characterized by cold-dry and warm-wet climates respectively in the recently geological Earth. How ChineseExpand
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Total Nitrogen Concentrations in Surface Water of Typical Agro- and Forest Ecosystems in China, 2004-2009
We assessed the total nitrogen (N) concentrations of 28 still surface water (lake and pond), and 42 flowing surface water (river), monitoring sites under 29 typical terrestrial ecosystems of theExpand
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Composition, origin and weathering process of surface sediment in Kumtagh Desert, Northwest China
Kumtagh Desert is one of the eight biggest deserts in China, but poorly investigated before our interdisciplinary study because of the difficulty of access. In this paper, 33 representative surfaceExpand
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Sand dunes as potential sources of dust in northern China
While saltation bombardment of sand grains on a fine substrate can produce considerable dust, the well-sorted nature of sand dunes tends to preclude them from consideration as major dust sources.Expand
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Soil enzyme activity and stoichiometry in forest ecosystems along the North-South Transect in eastern China (NSTEC)
Soil enzymes, as indicators of microbial metabolism, play an important role in nutrient biogeochemistry at the ecosystem level. In this study, we present information from a comprehensive analysis ofExpand
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