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Genetic relationships within Brassica rapa as inferred from AFLP fingerprints
Amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) markers were employed to assess the genetic diversity amongst two large collections of Brassica rapa accessions. Collection A consisted of 161 B. rapaExpand
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Seed transmission of peanut stripe virus in peanut
A direct antigen-coated indirect ELISA (ELISA-DAC) reliably detected peanut stripe potyvirus (PStV) in groundnut seed. PStV was detected in the cotyledons and embryo of all 90 infected seeds and inExpand
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Nonlinear tracking control via approximate backstepping
Presents an approach for designing a nonlinear tracking controller based on the ideas developed in backstepping control design. Expand
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An unusual group-A rotavirus associated with an epidemic of diarrhea among three-month-old calves.
During the 1992 and 1993 breeding seasons, epidemics of diarrhea among calves approximately 3 months old in a cow/calf operation were reported. Rotavirus was determined to be the probable cause, butExpand
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Differentiation of Peanut Seedborne Potyviruses and Cucumoviruses by RT-PCR.
Seedborne peanut viruses pose important constraints to peanut production and safe movement of germ plasm. They also pose a risk of accidental introduction into previously disease-free regions. WeExpand
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Biological and Molecular Characterization of a Crucifer Tobamovirus Infecting Oilseed Rape
In China, the tobamovirus that infects oilseed rape has been misdiagnosed as Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) based on its morphological similarity and serological relatedness. Recently, a tobamovirus hasExpand
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Partial cDNA synthesis and sequence analysis of sesame necrotic mosaic virus
The RNA of sesame necrotic mosaic virus (SNMV) was extracted from the purified virus particles and used as the template for random primer cDNA synthesis. The six positive clones which were detectedExpand
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Systeme et procede de distribution de paquets d'approvisionnement
L'invention concerne un procede d'approvisionnement de logiciel et un appareil utilisant un mecanisme de livraison de paquets d'approvisionnement possedant une base de donnees, un service deExpand