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Angiotensin-converting enzyme-2 overexpression attenuates inflammation in rat model of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
ACE2 could attenuate COPD inflammatory process induced by cigarette smoke through reduction of oxidative stress and inhibition of NF-κB and p38 MAPK pathway activation. Expand
A survey on epidemiology and risk factors of bronchial asthma in Baoshan district of Shanghai
This epidemiological survey affords the prevalence and related risk factors of asthma in Baoshan district in Shanghai, which could provide some evidences for the planning of prevention and treatment of asthma. Expand
New disease severity classification of patients with stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Shanghai
Background The Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) presented a new ABCD group classification of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). We aimed to examine theExpand
In Situ Intestinal Absorption Kinetics of Sirolimus in Rats
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the in situ absorption kinetics of sirolimus at different intestine segments in rats.METHODS: The intestine in rats was cannulated for in situ perfusion with absorption rateExpand
Protection of Curcumin against Streptozocin-Induced Pancreatic Cell Destruction in T2D Rats.
Results indicate that curcumin blocks the phosphorylation of JNK and NF-κB protein to inhibit this signaling pathway, thereby further inhibiting inflammation and apoptosis in pancreatic islet β cells. Expand
Association of the TaqIB polymorphism and D442G mutation of cholesteryl ester transfer protein gene with coronary heart disease
CETP gene may be one of the genetic susceptible candidate genes for CHD among Chinese Han population and the TaqIB polymorphism of CETP gene might be one the genetic determinants for HDL C levels. Expand
An oral second-generation proteasome inhibitor oprozomib significantly inhibits lung cancer in a p53 independent manner in vitro.
Oprozomib significantly suppressed cell proliferation and strongly induced apoptosis in both tested lung cancer cells independent of p53 expression and OPZ was able to cause obvious caspase 3 and PARP cleavages and stabilize p53 and its transcriptional targets p21, PUMA, and Noxa. Expand
Advances in the research of P selectin and it's ligands in tumor metastasis
Tumor metastasis is the main cause of tumor death and poor long term effect in clinical treatment and the relationship between platelet P selectin and tumor emboli/metastasis need to be further investigated. Expand
Pressure ulcer scale for healing:Feasibility and validity in evaluating the effect of debridement on pressure ulcers
The pressure ulcer scale for healing, easy to be used and reliable for its results, can give a quantitative objective evaluation of the effect of debridement on pressure ulcers of different stages. Expand