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Efficacy and safety of low dose Mycophenolate mofetil treatment for immunoglobulin G4-related disease: a randomized clinical trial
Combination treatment with glucocorticoid and MMF was more effective than the monotherapy, and the relapse of IgG 4-related disease might be associated with the elevated levels of serum IgG4 and the low glucoc Corticoid maintenance dose.
Investigation of Phthalates Pollution in Drinking Water in Ningxia
Objective To investigate phthalates pollution in drinking water in Ningxia.Methods The predominant phthalate esters in drinking water samples from 5 cities and village cellar water from 4 counties
Epidemiological and Clinical Features of 308 Hospitalized Patients with Novel 2009 Influenza A (H1N1) Virus Infection in China during the First Pandemic Wave
In the first pandemic wave, novel H1N1 virus caused disease primarily in adults, causing mild febrile illness, and early oseltamivir treatment as well as early conventional supportive treatment without antiviral drugs contributed to a reduction in the duration of virus shedding.
The occurrence of diarrhea not related to the pharmacokinetics of MPA and its metabolites in liver transplant patients
Investigating the correlation between pharmacokinetics of MPA, MPAG, and AcMPAG and diarrhea in liver transplant recipients on MMF with tacrolimus suggests that systemic exposures to MPA and its metabolites are not associated with the incidence of diarrhea in Liver transplant recipients.
Expression of epidermal growth factor receptor and proliferating cell nuclear antigen in esophageal carcinoma and pre cancerous lesions
The gene expression and proliferation characteristics of moderate of severe dysplasia have obviously latent malignant tendency, and is directly related to esophageal carcinoma, so patients should be treated actively and followed up closely to prevent carcinogenesis.
[Pattern analysis of tempo-spatial distribution of schistosomiasis in marshland epidemic areas in stage of transmission control].
From 2009 to 2013, the schistosomiasis endemic situation in Jiangling County presented a decline trend and reached the historical low level, and the identified spatial clustering areas should be targeted as the prioritized areas for schistsomiasis control.
Human papillomaviruses 16 and 58 are distributed widely among women living in Shanghai, China, with high-grade, squamous intraepithelial lesions
  • J. Xu, Z. Xia, L. Xu
  • Medicine
    Epidemiology and Infection
  • 13 November 2018
HPV 16 and 58 were the high-risk HPVs in the Shanghai community and should be the focus in HPV screening and vaccination.
nm23 and c erbB 2 proto oncogene protein expression in gastric recurrent carcinoma
AIM To study the relationship between nm23 and c erbB 2 proto oncogene protein expression in gastric cancers and recurrent carcinoma. METHODS The expressions of nm23 and c erbB 2 in 64 cases of