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Alkyl Aluminum-Catalyzed Addition of Amines to Carbodiimides: A Highly Efficient Route to Substituted Guanidines
The commercially readily available alkyl aluminums, such as AlMe3, AlEt3, and AlEt2Cl, can serve as excellent catalyst precursors for the catalytic addition of amines to carbodiimides, yieldingExpand
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The aromatic dianion metalloles
This perspective includes the synthesis and future challenges of aromatic dianion metalloles and their analogues.
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Silyl-substituted 1,3-butadienes for Diels-Alder reaction, ene reaction and allylation reaction.
Silyl-substituted 1,3-butadienes are useful building blocks and are readily applied in several types of reactions such as Diels-Alder reaction, ene reaction and allylation. They can also participateExpand
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Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Cleavage of C-N Single Bonds.
Kunbing Ouyang,†,‡ Wei Hao,† Wen-Xiong Zhang,*,†,§ and Zhenfeng Xi† †Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular Sciences (BNLMS), Key Laboratory of Bioorganic Chemistry and Molecular Engineering ofExpand
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Cycloaddition Reaction of Zirconacyclopentadienes to Alkynes: Highly Selective Formation of Benzene Derivatives from Three Different Alkynes
Zirconacyclopentadienes reacted with acetylenecarboxylates in the presence of a stoichiometric amount (2 equiv) of copper chloride to give benzene derivatives in high yields along with the formationExpand
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1,4-Dilithio-1,3-dienes: reaction and synthetic applications.
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  • 15 July 2010
The development of organometallic reagents remains one of the most important frontiers in synthetic chemistry. Commonly used organometallic reagents (such as RLi and RMgBr) are typically monometallicExpand
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