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Spontaneous mutation rates to new length alleles at tandem-repetitive hypervariable loci in human DNA
Tandem-repetitive minisatellite regions in vertebrate DNA frequently show substantial allelic variation in the number of repeat units. This variation is thought to arise through processes such asExpand
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Characterization of a panel of highly variable minisatellites cloned from human DNA
Five of the most variable loci detected in human DNA by hybridization with DNA fingerprint probes have been cloned and characterized. Each locus consists of a tandem‐repetitive minisatellite, withExpand
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Clustering of hypervariable minisatellites in the proterminal regions of human autosomes.
Six of the human minisatellites detected by DNA fingerprint probes have been localized by in situ hybridization to human metaphase chromosomes. These hypervariable loci are not dispersed at random inExpand
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Sequences flanking the repeat arrays of human minisatellites: association with tandem and dispersed repeat elements.
We present DNA sequences flanking cloned hypervariable human minisatellites. In addition to providing confirmatory evidence that minisatellites cluster with other tandem repeats, these flankingExpand
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Deletion of genes on chromosome 1 in endocrine neoplasia
Recent studies have identified normal cellular DNA sequences which are lost in the development of embryonal1–6 and adult7,8 tumours. These tumours are thought to arise after a primary mutation in oneExpand
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Cloning a selected fragment from a human DNA 'fingerprint': isolation of an extremely polymorphic minisatellite.
A large hypervariable DNA fragment from a human DNA fingerprint was purified by preparative gel electrophoresis and molecular cloning. The cloned fragment contained a 6.3 kb long minisatelliteExpand
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A novel human DNA polymorphism resulting from transfer of DNA from chromosome 6 to chromosome 16.
A cloned minisatellite, termed lambda MS29, that is unusual because it detects two variable loci in human DNA has been isolated. One locus, DNF21S1, located in the terminal region of the short arm ofExpand
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Highly variable minisatellites and DNA fingerprints.
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High density lipoproteins and prevention of experimental atherosclerosis with special reference to tree shrews.
According to data obtained from epidemiological and experimental survey, serum HDL level is known to be correlated conversely with the incidence of atherosclerosis. Experimental data collected inExpand
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Cloning aselected fragment fromahumanDNA 'fingerprint': isolation ofanextremely polymorphic minisatellite
A largehypervariable DNA fragmentfroma humanDNAfingerprint was purifiedby preparativegel electrophoresis and molecularcloning. The cloned fragmentcontaineda 6.3 kb long minisatelliteconsistingofExpand
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