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Perceptual digital watermark of images using wavelet transform
A perceptually based watermarking technique for an image is proposed. Expand
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Medical Image Clustering for Intelligent Decision Support
We quantified the domain knowledge about brain image, and then incorporate this quantified measurement into the clustering algorithm. Expand
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Evaluation of Hepatocellular Carcinoma by Contrast‐Enhanced Sonography
The purpose of this study was to determine whether contrast‐enhanced sonography can be used to differentiate histopathologic grades of hepatocellular carcinoma.
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A chaotic block encryption scheme based on the piecewise nonlinear map
In order to improve communication security, proposed a chaotic block cryptographic scheme based on the coupled piecewise nonlinear map. Using the coupled chaotic systems to generate random binaryExpand
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New multi-signature and proxy multi-signature schemes from the Weil pairings
There exist two classes of proxy multi-signature. In the first class, different proxy signers delegate different original signers, while in the second class a same proxy signer delegates all of theExpand
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A three layers multiple kernel learning model for analog circuit fault diagnosis
In order to improve the performance of multi-kernel diagnosis models, a novel three layers multiple kernel learning (MKL) algorithms for extreme learning machine (ELM) is presented by combining the radius-incorporated MK-ELM with AdaBoost strategy. Expand
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A solution of rotation invariance based ESPRIT(SRI-ESPRIT) method approach to direction-of-arrival estimation
In this paper an new ESPRIT algorithm based on the solution of rotation invariance relationship (SRI-ESPRIT) is proposed, providing an new solution to the general class of ESPRIT technique. TheExpand
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Detecting Brain Disease Based on Pixel ' s Clustering 1
The high incidence of brain disease, especially brain tumor, has increased significantly in recent years. It is becoming more and more concernful to discover knowledge through mining medical brainExpand
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Ringlike Level of Detail in Real-Time Terrain Rendering
  • Z. Wei
  • Computer Science
  • International Conference on Environmental Science…
  • 4 July 2009
We propose an efficient Ringlike LOD algorithm which depends on a structure that consists of many concentric rings with viewpoint in the center. Expand
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The impact of daylight, aerosphere and remote sensing camera sensitivity on the color of remote sensing image was analyzed. Color correction based on remote sensing camera model was presented. WhichExpand