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Biphoton holographic storage in Methyl Orange and Ethyl Orange dyes.
Biphoton holograms are recorded by a He-Ne laser in Methyl Orange and Ethyl Orange dyes on exposure to a 514.5-nm argon-ion laser, and the dynamic of holographic recording is reported. The recordingExpand
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Titania-modified Hydrodesulfurization Catalysts .1. Effect of Preparation Techniques On Morphology and Properties of Tio2-al2o3 Carrier
Abstract Samples of titania—alumina of various compositions were prepared by the following methods: precipitation from TiCl4 solution with aqueous ammonia, impregnation, evaporation from titaniumExpand
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Complex optical field reconstruction by separating the Fourier spectrum.
A complex optical field in a Fourier plane is experimentally recovered by separating the real and imaginary parts of the Fourier spectrum in real time without an additional inverted object functionExpand
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Low-power phase conjugation in push-pull azobenzene compounds.
Push-pull azobenzene compounds were synthesized by the diazocoupling reaction, and low-power phase conjugation of azobenzene-compound-doped poly(methyl methacrylate) films was studied with a He-NeExpand
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A Novel Highly Active Hydrodesulfurization Catalyst: Nickel Phosphide Supported on Silica
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Biphoton holographic storage in Methyl Orange and Ethyl Orange dyes: erratum.
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